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GOT's Christmas Toys Giveaway

GOT’s Christmas Toys Giveaway purpose is to extend the spirit of giving by blessing families in need with toys. Our hope is to bring smiles and cheer to the faces of our children this Christmas season. The holidays can be one of the most difficult times of the year. Buying gifts and extra food is just not in the budget. Some families are worried about more important things such as where they'll sleep or where their next meal will come from. GOT collects unwrapped toys from October to December for families in need. Toy requests are first come first serve, pending the availability of toys, and all documents are submitted. All families that are approve of toys will be notified via email with pickup date, time, and location. After applying for the toys you will receive a confirmation email with the same instructions listed above (please check your spam folder if not received). Our facility is located in Miami Gardens. Please do not call regarding status of toys. If you submitted correct documents by the deadline you will be APPROVE. WE ARE NOT CURRENTLY ACCEPTING TOY APPLICATIONS, WE HAVE REACHED OUR MAX.

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