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Our Programs


Career Development

G.O.T. offers workshops to help girls identify career opportunities in their areas of interest. The program teaches basic job skills, interviewing, resume writing, and job search skills. Participants are also taught to communicate effectively and learn workplace etiquette skills so they will be able to present themselves in a professional and respectful manner in the workplace and in society.

Financial Planning and Budgeting

Through our partnership with Wells Fargo Bank, GOT invites this community partner to conduct a workshop that will assist girls with successful financial planning. Girls will develop short-term and long-term financial goals.  They will establish a checking and saving account, and learn to balance their accounts.  They will keep accurate financial records and develop realistic budgets to fit their needs.  These strategies will help them manage and save money.


G.O.T. offers workshops that help girls improve their listening, speaking, and presentation skills. Our girls will develop the confidence to speak before small and large audiences.

Writer’s Workshops

G.O.T. provides writing workshops for girls who enjoy writing and have an interest in publishing their own book. They will work with volunteers to further develop their writing gift. Attendees will submit their writings to be considered for publishing online or in magazines, with the help of our Program Director. This offering intends to encourage and inspire young ladies who wish to pursue a career in writing, publishing, or as a self-published author. his course to inspire and lay a foundation for girls interested in a career in publishing and/or being a self-published author.

Health & Nutrition

G.OT. offers a dynamic Health and Nutrition workshop for all girls involved. This workshop provides nutrition education for young ladies as they grow into adulthood. This workshop helps to address health and nutritional issues that are common and that can be easily remedied at this stage of the girls’ lives. We focus on the value of self-care through exercise, sleep, healthy eating, and health maintenance. Workshops are offered to help provide awareness, promote and encourage a healthy lifestyle in a way that is not punitive but encourages young ladies with love, support and guidance.

Personal Development

G.O.T. offers one-on-one monthly meetings with mentors which will assess the mentee’s strengths and weaknesses and provide assignments and projects that will help measure their growth.

Substance & Drug Abuse Awareness

G.O.T. offers workshops on substance abuse prevention. The workshop will provide education on the effects of drugs and ways to avoid peer pressure to experiment or use drugs (illegal or legal drug misuse).

H.U.G.S. (Helping Us Grow Spiritually)

G.O.T. offers biblical truths for teens. Every girl is given a free bible and the Word of God is made easy to understand to the teens. We guide them through with many of the circumstances many teens face today. They are provided with solutions based upon the Word of God.  This workshop uses the words and guidance of Jesus Christ and focuses on his purpose for our lives.

Teen Pregnancy Prevention

G.O.T. teen pregnancy prevention workshops are offered to teach girls the value of their bodies so they protect their future. Young ladies with low self-value and who do not understand their gifts may be at high risk for pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and other high risk situations which could lead to serious injury. Our goal is to educate teens about the consequences of high risk behaviors and give them the tools necessary to make better choices. We also help them see the spiritual implications of at risk behaviors. We teach on the importance of purity and abstinence.


G.O.T. is partner with Avenue of Excellence. Owner, Rose Hedgemond. offers workshops and illustrations on dining skills, social skills, attitude, positive body language, self-presentation, how to exude poise and confidence, walking and sitting gracefully, and fine dining tutorials.

Teen & Parent Workshops

G.O.T. offers workshops that will focus on restoring or strengthening the bond between a parent and teen’s relationship. The workshop helps parents and teens renovate their relationships by rebuilding their bond and restoring their connection. GOT staff will meet with parents and their child(ren) to provide direct guidance and role playing to assist them to getting to the root of the discord.

Community Outreach

G.O.T. offers the opportunity for girls to engage in community service learning activities. Through this offering, we partner with local social service organizations like Miami Rescue, Camilla’s House, and the City of Miami Gardens.

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