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Girl-Preneur Mentorship Program

Girl-Preneur Mentorship Program (GMP) is designed to provide youth with a vision of entrepreneurship the space to learn, practice and accomplish that goal. The program introduces the basics of planning, creating and financing a successful business. GMP will cultivate skills and strategies that will equip young entrepreneurs with an understanding of how business works. GMP engages youth in productive fun learning activities, with extensive hands-on applications, and methods that will foster innovative ideas. Youth will learn to:

  • Evaluate their ideas

  • Choose the right business structure

  • Design a business plan

  • Obtain licenses and permits

  • Choose the best financing options

  • Interview and hire employees

  • Develop an effective marketing strategy; and

  • Legally registering their business

The program activities also include business plan development, practical skills, workshops conducted by female entrepreneurs, job shadowing, and networking opportunities. This knowledge will prepare youth to be responsible, enterprising individuals, and entrepreneurial thinkers who we hope will empower and invigorate the local community with their innovation and business savvy.

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