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Our Programs

One-On-One Mentoring

Girl's of Transformation’s one-on-one mentoring program connect young girls with caring Christian women and to build genuine rapport necessary for a nurturing relationship with each of our mentees. Our mentor/mentee relationship represent a true relationship of love, attention, understanding, patience, listening, acceptance, time, and support.  The program provides monthly outings with the mentees weekly contact, and continuous access to their mentors. We aspire for our encounters with mentees will encourage them to clearly and effectively express themselves. The interactions between mentors and mentees will demonstrate and model accepting constructive feedback constructively, communicating assertively, obtaining new technical abilities, change management, and leadership skills. Mentors are also expected model poise, good decision-making, faith, high self-esteem, self-determination, and other characteristics which demonstrate a healthy way of living.

Each mentee is paired with a mentor based on their educational and career goals the self-reported areas they wish to improve in life, as well as the temperament, and past experiences of the mentee. We want to ensure youth are matched with mentors who can relate to their thoughts and aspirations but that can also challenge them to endure through the change process.  If at any time a youth or a parent wishes a mentor be changed, reassigned, or mentoring activities modified, our “open door policy” will facilitate those changes or adjustments. We are fully prepared to accommodate in a way that is flexible, supportive, and productive for our mentors, mentees, parents, and community partners.

Girls of Transformation's group mentoring consist of one mentor paired with five or more mentees. The group meets together every Saturday from 9am-1pm for a total of 12 weeks. Throughout the program mentees will meet with their mentor, who will facilitate the group and follow the designated curriculum and program design. Girls will be given the opportunity to discuss various topics as a group. Group mentoring provides an opportunity for mentees to develop team skills, to have discussions without judgement, to feel free to express themselves, and to build a sense of sisterhood and togetherness.

Group Mentoring

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